Products quality control and follow-up in laboratory

: quality control and follow-up of building materials (concrete, asphalt mixes, aggregates, cements, binders, emulsions, etc...) and in-situ tests (soils, pavements, ...).

Today, more than 1200 computers are equipped with wil, all over France, but also abroad (Spain, Belgium, United-Kingdom, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Hungary...), in major international groups as well as in many small companies. Very quickly, it has established itself as the market leader in France.

It is dedicated to material producers, buyers and independent laboratories and exists in several versions, to fit those fields of activity.

> Laboratory data organisation
Data centralisation and harmonisation.

> Compliance controls
National and European standards, CE marking, diverse specifications, etc.

> Statistical treatment, technical or commercial documents
Crossed calculations from selected criteria, graphic analysis.

> Laboratory management
Laboratory activity follow-up: invoicing, accreditation, metrology, etc.

> eWil
As a complement, eWil, software in SaaS mode, is available for online data consultation. View eWil technical sheet

> Billy
«Full web» concrete formulation software (also in SaaS mode). View Billy technical sheet

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Wil has been built on a long experience with producers, laboratory technicians, quality specialists, ...
It has been designed to offer high flexibility:
  • a user-friendly environment,
  • a detailed contextual help,
to get rapidly familiar with the software.