We have developed icare, wil, mentol et carmin software packages that we mainly commercialise to companies related to quarry exploitation, building materials, and public works. For the precast-concrete industry, we have also designed.

Our software packages are customisable and modular, to include any regulatory or technical evolution, and to adapt to the particularities and organisation of all businesses.

Today, we focus our work on the Full Web development of SaaS modules.

Sales and administrative management of weighed products

IcareIcare : administration and sales management of quarries, sandpits, waste reception centres, classification units, asphalt plants, concrete plants, and more generally all activity based on bulk product weighing.

From price discounts, to statistical studies, including weighbridge and invoicing, icare perfectly meets the specific needs of these activities, whether in single-station environment, LAN or WAN (TSE, CITRIX).

It has been designed on a modular structure, to be available in several versions and in multi-site and multi-company environment.
Products quality control and follow-up in laboratory

: quality control and follow-up of building materials (concrete, asphalt mixes, aggregates, cements, binders, emulsions, etc...) and in-situ tests (soils, pavements, ...).

Today, more than 1200 computers are equipped with wil, all over France, but also abroad (Spain, Belgium, United-Kingdom, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Hungary...), in major international groups as well as in many small companies. Very quickly, it has established itself as the market leader in France.

It is dedicated to material producers, buyers and independent laboratories and exists in several versions, to fit those fields of activity.

Environmental follow-up, Safety control, Land management

Mentol : Control and analysis of Environmental, Safety and Land management data, for extractive industries (classified facilities, control agencies, engineering consulting offices, etc...) engaged into an improvement process, for example in the scope of ISO 14001, or simply of an internal policy.

To face growing requirements in this fields, you need to control and diffuse data. 

Based on the latest computer technology, it takes advantage of the Web possibilities, to offer high reliability and flexibility.

Computer-aided Maintenance Management System.

Carmin : the management and follow-up of maintenance operations, parts stock and orders..

Plannings remind you of the tasks to be performed (from servicing operations to orders), so that you can organise and optimise controls on your equipment pool.
Syntheses and balances allow you to analyse the equipment management efficiency and the maintenance cost.

Dedicated to building materials producers, carmin fits the specificities of this industry, and combines flexibility and accuracy.
Carmin has been developped using the latest technologies, in "SaaS" mode, to provide easy access to information, and data sharing.