Deployment, integration, customisation

We carry out our products deployment and integration according to your information system architecture. In the scope of training or assistance contracts, our applications can be parameterised and customised by technicians who are proficient both in IT and in your activity sector.

Specific Developments

Technical expertise
Our 20-year experience in the design of software dedicated to business use gives us a double expertise both in IT and building materials industry, and allows us to develop and integrate new applications.
We master all the steps of project development: consulting and previous studies (customers' requirements specifications).

You have decided to develop or redesign an application or your website. You have an idea of the result you would like to get, but you do not know how to translate this project so that it can be carried out according to your expectations, we can write your specifications, detailing your objectives, the results to be achieved, the means to be implemented, technical and financial requirements... Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of your activity field, we understand your needs and know how to meet them.

Development engineering
The tools we use give us the possibility to make you participate in the development, from the identification of your needs, to the final software, including the interface design. This exchange with the user guarantees a pertinent result, as well as an intuitive interface. We can develop customised technical software, as well as your website, which we can also host...

Tests - Rollout – Training – Assistance
To provide you the best service, we make scenario testing to simulate customer use, so that the applications are workable as soon as they are put in operation. Once development and test stages are over, our technicians travel to your worksites to carry out the application rollout and integration, to assist the users with first steps, or to teach courses.


As a training centre, we organise intra or inter company courses to our software packages.

Based on training programs adapted according to context (First steps/Improvement, Administrators/Users, number of sessions, ...), with a large part of exchange and practical examples, our courses aim at developing the trainees' skills and at helping them to reach the objectives fixed by their companies. Specific sessions can also be remotely organised, on the web or by phone.

Support, maintenance

In the scope of specific contracts, we provide software maintenance, as well as technical and functional assistance to users.

We continuously watch the evolution of technologies and regulations. In addition, our experience and our in-depth knowledge of your activity sector allow us to make our products constantly evolve. A « Customer's area » is available on our website. This way, our customers have access to documents and supports, updates, tools, and a forum to exchange about their experience.