Our development fits in line with a constant care about our customers' satisfaction and strict respect of legal and ethic rules. In a highly specialised and competitive sector, we invest much in R&D, to meet our customers' requirements.

In order to reduce the ecological footprint of our company and products, we have taken several measures, especially:

  • Using less storage devices and paper, favouring the use of digital files (for software and documentation)
  • Limiting business travels by giving priority to telematic means (web service area, remote maintenance, remote commercial presentations).

Also most important to us are our employees' motivations and team spirit.


It is our duty to anticipate normative and technical evolutions in your sector as well as in computing. We always have to innovate and be responsive.

For this reason, we are permanently monitoring markets and technology evolution to improve our software products. This way, you can benefit from pertinent and efficient software and show you are on the cutting edge of your activity.

Collaboration and satisfaction

We work together and in close partnership with our cutomers to make reliable, simple and flexible programs, that will be real everyday support for you.

All our team is dedicated to your care, traveling on-site, offering a real customer service and giving you tools to let us know about your opinion (customer satisfaction surveys, forum, etc.).

Your satisfaction is most important to us and is the driving force of our work.



Our software is standard, but your company is unique. Fixed tools would oblige you to adapt to them, whereas we think tools must adapt to you.

Therefore, our software packages are fit for each of your activities:

  • From the smallest business to the biggest company, they manage all volume of data and any installation complexity.
  • Made up of customisable databases, they can be adapted to your needs and requirements.


Consistently aiming at improvement, we assure customers' satisfaction and our services optimisation by following procedures established by our Quality Insurance Manual and by regularly organizing management review meetings, according to an ISO 9001 based organisation.

We have also implemented tools for customers' follow-up, and for the management of software testing, as recommended by NF French standard for software.
The intervention of specialized consultants regularly offers us a critical and motivating external point of view.

All our team is involved in these processes and actively takes part in continuous improvement.