Arcade designs, develops and commercialises its software packages, as well as associated services (on-line applications, training courses, aftersale services, customised developments), which meet specific and precise needs.

On this niche market, Arcade has to distinguish itself with high technical competences and in-depth knowledge of its customers activity.

In France and abroad, Arcade grows by investing mostly in R&D and regularly presenting new products and services.

  • Over 2000 sites use our programs in different countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Morocco, United-Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, ...). A subsidiary company has also been created in Spain, to develop Arcade's activity there, as well as in Portugal and South America.

  • Over 15 years of experience in this specific field allow us to offer an added value to our software implementation.
  • Integrating the latest computer technologies into our programs offers easy access, flexibility, communication and mobility.


Arcade first programmed and commercialised icare, software for the quarry sales administration. Since then, it has built its growth on wil range, dedicated to the laboratory control of building materials (aggregates, concrete, asphalt mixes) production and implementation.

Wil is now the benchmark in this field and is to be found in most laboratories in France and Belgium, as well as in significant companies in other countries (Spain, Portugal, North Africa, Hungary, United-Kingdom).

Icare, which has grown fast since 2008, has been adapted to other activities, especially waste treatment and recycling.

Our latest range, mentol, has been available since mid-2008. It is dedicated to environmental data follow-up, safety control and land administrative management.

Mentol's first version was only dedicated to environmental control, using Web technologies to allow both a net and intranet use. Later, thanks to close relations with customers, safety control and land management modules have been added.