The newsletters downloadable in pdf format are in French.

#18) 1st half of 2019

Another year is ending, as intense as the previous one!

Yes, this year has also been rich in efforts, meetings, projects, and this is not over yet!

2019 will bring more developments and important progressions within our products range!

In the name of
all the Arcade team
we wish you
a wonderful and happy
new year 2019 !


#17) 2nd half of 2018

25 years of innovation for the industry

The technological evolutions, the digital transformation, sensors, software, artificial intelligence, connected objects, lead to a real disruption, nowadays conceptualized by the term of “4.0 industry”.

All along the last quarter of century, one foot in the immaterial, the other one in the construction materials, we systematically favoured the way of innovation.

Let’s make these evolution stakes toward the 4.0 industry a real opportunity to be more efficient and to grow!
#16) 1st half of 2018

A new year, a new impetus !
Decembre 2017

A year ago, we announced in the same newsletter, the birth of Massia, with the aim of merging, within a same suite, with a same core, a same motor, a same interface, the whole of our software solutions.

Today, we are pleased to announce...


#15) 2nd half of 2017

Marriage both of love and convenience

Today, while mentol is about to live a new life within Massia suite, , our collaboration with the consulting firm is given a new impetus, a new dynamic through a marriage both of love and convenience.

Thus united, we can offer you a unique range of services (software, training, consulting in the fields of quality, CSR, prospection, regulation monitoring, environmental follow-up, application for permit, impact assessment, ...).

#14) 1st half of 2017

A new year, a new offer

For 25 years, we have built our experience and fame on the design of specific software products for the construction field: icare, ICarLab, wil, Lab-Ib, mentol, Carmin, Qual-Ib.

Today, Massia includes the best features of our previous ranges, to offer a wider and more consistent suite, and reaches a main technological milestone.

We wish you a happy new year 2017, with new professional and personal projects and success in achieving your goals!

#13) 2nd half of 2016

What does a horseshoe, a four-leaf clover and a shooting star have in common?
They bring good fortune!

Today, with our 13th newsletter, we have decided that the number 13 brings luck!

Already 13 newsletters, 7 years of publishing, twice a year, a link between us and you, our customers, our partners.
Already 23 years since Arcade first started creating software for your businesses.
Already 3 generations of products, from DOS, to Windows, and now on the web and cloud.

In 2016, our new range, Massia is the result of all these developments.

So even if a little bit of luck cannot be refused, it is thanks to our longevity, our experiences, and our close and lasting links with you that we will continue to innovate and improve our products and services, to meet the needs of your trade and industries as closely as possible.

ARCADE's Newsletter N12 (in french) #12) 1st half of 2016


At Arcade, we invest 40% of our resources in R&D.
This allows us to be the first, and sometimes the only ones, to propose innovative tools and integrate cutting-edge technologies in our software development.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, driven by innovation, for the development of your success and your fulfillment.

ARCADE's Newsletter N11 (in french) #11) 2nd half of 2015

Other days, other ways!

Training courses, meetings and seminars are headed for the digital world!
Slowly some will say, surely others will say, but it is becoming a must.
Lentement diront certains, sûrement diront d’autres, mais cela devient incontournable.

Do you have training needs or webinar topics to suggest?
Let's talk!

ARCADE's Newsletter N10 (in french) #10) 1st half of 2015

En route to Canada!

Canada is in many cases a dream destination for a wonderful vacation.
It is also a very popular country for students and young graduates.
For us, Canada is a new challenge, which we greatly desire to take!

And it is with all this energy that we wish you a wonderful new year 2015, full of audacity, desire and drive!

ARCADE's Newsletter N9 (in french) #9) 2nd half of 2014

If I say: "Bordeaux"...

We are going to Bordeaux this October, not for a wine tasting but for the SIM!

Software editor dedicated to a specific industry, we are offering a wide range with unique features and consistency, and we have been among the most loyal exhibitors for almost 20 years!

If the SIM 2014 is our newsletter front page, it is because we have a lot to tell you...

ARCADE's Newsletter N8 (in french) #8) 1st half of 2014
What can we wish you for this year?

New projects, of course!
Big budgets… let's hope!
And much happiness!!!

As for Arcade, 2014 will be marked by an inflow of fresh blood, with Brice and David who joined our R&D team.
This welcome backup will help us complete the numerous projects we are conducting. This first newsletter of the year discloses a few of these developments.

So, we hope you find this newsletter interesting and wish you a happy new year!

ARCADE's Newsletter N7 (in french) #7) 2nd half of 2013
ARCADE 20th anniversary!

20 years, in the field of software publishing, when pioneer companies were created in the late 70s in the western part of America, and when half of the publishers have less than two years of existence, it is quite a lot!

Newsletter_Arcade_6 #6) 1st half of 2013

Everybody at ARCADE wishes you much prosperity and all the necessary enthousiasm to go always forward during this new year!

Best wishes for 2013!

Newsletter Arcade N5

#5) 2nd half of 2012

Recycling according to Arcade! 
Newsletter Arcade N4

#4) 1st half of 2012

Our technical support team and all members of ARCADE are wishing you a great and happy new year 2012

Newsletter Arcade N3

#3) 2nd half of 2011

Summer arrives… already !
Time goes by… so quickly,
And Information Technology advances at high speed !
Newsletter Arcade N2

#2) 1st hlaf of 2011

All Arcade team wishes you a happy and prosperous new year 2011 !

Newsletter Arcade N1

#1) 2nd half of 2010

Spring brings you solutions !
1st half of