Environmental follow-up, Safety control, Land management

Mentol : Control and analysis of Environmental, Safety and Land management data, for extractive industries (classified facilities, control agencies, engineering consulting offices, etc...) engaged into an improvement process, for example in the scope of ISO 14001, or simply of an internal policy.

To face growing requirements in this fields, you need to control and diffuse data. 

Based on the latest computer technology, it takes advantage of the Web possibilities, to offer high reliability and flexibility.

Mentol includes several independant parts -each one corresponding to a specific aspect- and a common core to share and integrate information :

  • Environment aspect, for the control and analysis of environmental impacts (noise, dust, vibrations, biodiversity, waste, water follow-up, ...).
  • Safety aspect, for the follow-up of safety requirements and risk prevention :
    • Staff management: measurements on workers (dust, noise, vibration, ...), Training, accreditations, competence follow-up, ...
    • Equipment and device control
  • Land aspect, for the management of licences and leases (map or photograph plot display, royalties, ...).

> Data organisation
Data centralisation and harmonisation

> Compliance controls
Regulatory thresholds integration.
For safety, equipment control and adequation between jobs and workers' competences.

> Document management 
Document categorisation and characterisation, direct access from the application

> Statistical treatments, technical or commercial documents 
Statistical and graphic data analyses to help decision making

> Planning
Organisation of the tasks to perform, with e-mail alerts and action plan follow-up

> Plans of action follow-up
Progress checking according to fixed aims and associated actions

> Ask for information


Getting involved into a sustainability policy requires to implement many actions. To prove your commitment. Mentol offers an assistance to organise your work and a support to communicate about your actions :

  • Promotion of your commitment thanks to easy diffusion of study analyses, summary tables, graphs, ...
  • Identification of corrective and preventive actions to take, emphasising improvements
  • Optimisation of the time spent searching information and writing reports.

This way, you can present a good image to the administration and to residents, and show the seriousness of your action.