Arcade software

ARCADE is a software engineering company, specialising in software edition for the building materials industry.

We intervene most particularly in the fields of aggregates, concrete, asphalt mixes, public works, recycling, laboratories, engineering and environmental consultancy.

With over 15 years of experience and close cooperation with key players of this industry, we have developed three specific ranges:

For the administration and sales management of quarries, sandpits, waste management facilities, asphalt plants, concrete plants, and more generally of all business based on bulk product weighing.

For the building materials quality follow-up and control in laboratory, during their production and implementation process.

For the management of environment, safety and land property. Innovator in its sector, mentol provides the control and processing of your data (noise, water, waste, machinery, staff, rent, royalties, ...).


A Computer-aided Maintenance Management System (CMMS), for the organisation and optimisation of your equipment. Carmin is a specific tool for the building materials industry which combines flexibility and accuracy.