Sales and administrative management of weighed products

IcareIcare : administration and sales management of quarries, sandpits, waste reception centres, classification units, asphalt plants, concrete plants, and more generally all activity based on bulk product weighing.

From price discounts, to statistical studies, including weighbridge and invoicing, icare perfectly meets the specific needs of these activities, whether in single-station environment, LAN or WAN (TSE, CITRIX).

It has been designed on a modular structure, to be available in several versions and in multi-site and multi-company environment.

> Weight input
Management of all the weighbridge activity: deliveries, supplies, cash invoices, etc.

> Customer/Carrier invoicing
Automatic or manual invoice generation

> Statistics
Customised analysis of weighing and invoicing activities.

> eStat
Analysis of delivery and invoicing via a web browser.

> Sales management
Quotations, order follow-up and delivery planning

> Stock follow-up
Production entry and automatic update from the input/output

> Dumpster rental
Equipment management and invoicing

> Data exchange and planning platform through FTP (file transfer protocol)
Automatic data generation and transfer through FTP from icare to icare, but also to and from external software.

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Icare has been commercialised throughout France (about a hundred sites of any size) and improved according to our customers' needs, in close cooperation with persons working in the extractive industry (weighbridge operators, operating managers, accountants, salesmen, ...).

Thanks to those synergies and opportunities, its functionalities have evolved and include now other fields of activities (waste reception centres, classification units, asphalt-mix plants, etc.).